Our professional experience includes services in the field of laws of succession. We provided comprehensive legal services to customers who wanted to organise their succession or other personal and material matters in advance.

Organisation of succession requires taking many legal actions, that should be planned and prepared in advance – all applied legal actions interact with each other and have an impact on general effect of a disposition of property upon death.

We prepare dispositions of property upon death and testaments with the use of many legal institutions, including executor of the will or vindicatory legacy, which may facilitate the process of taking the property by the successor. Dispositions of property upon death that were planned in advance and well-organised are vital especially for the entrepreneurs, who want to ensure continuity of work of the enterprise.

Clear dispositions may reduce the risk of disagreements and conflicts between successor after the death of testator.

Issues of law of succession are often related to other legal actions, which should transfer assets to the specified entities in advance (before the death of testator) in order to facilitate transformation of those entities.