Building investments and FIDIC

We provide comprehensive services in the field of building investments and construction projects
as well at the stage of preparation, as at the stage of realization and financial settlements.
Construction law is one of our primary areas of practice – the aggregate amount of the
investments, in that we were and still are involved, exceeds 3 billion PLN. We were engaged in
realization of the investments carried out:

  • as well by the public entities as by the private investors;
  • on the basis of public procurement law or of a Public Private Partnership (PPP);
  • on the basis of FIDIC contract terms;
  • with the use of EU funds;
  • in consortia, including the international ones.

We believe that any disagreements between entrepreneurs, especially those concerning such a
complicated issue as construction law, shall be resolved by conciliation. However, our extensive
experience in the field of construction law includes efficient and effective conduct of the litigation,
especially in the scope of conflicts concerning:

  • remuneration payable on the basis of contract or for additional works;
  • contractual penalties;
  • timeliness, punctuality and quality of construction;
  • remuneration payable to the subcontractors.

We also provide comprehensive services concerning compensation for damages that were caused by construction work or that shall be sought on the basis of civil liability of persons acting as qualified technical employees, especially of designer and site manager.

We have an extensive experience in providing services in the field of building investments that are conducted on the basis of FIDIC contract terms, within the systems “Design” and “Design and Build”. So far, we provided legal services to contractors, investors (contracting entities), contract engineers and designers of many building objects, including bridges, express carriageways, highways, public buildings, LPG, water and drainage installations.

Our experience enables providing legal services in any field connected with construction process, including:

  • analysis and assessment of claims;
  • analysis of the scope of responsibility of contracting parties;
  • analysis of the terms of contracts;
  • preparation of the correspondence with any participants of the investment, especially in the case of disagreement between the parties;

conduct of a mediation or settlement discussion.